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The Karnataka State Open University was established on 1st june 1996 vide Karnataka Govt. Notification No. ED 1 UOV 95 dated 12th February 1996, KSOU Act 1992, Keeping in view the educational needs of our country in general and the Karnataka State, in particular. It is the English open University in the country.

The University is an erstwhile Institute of Correspondence Courses of Mysore University and enjoys a unique privilege of a long and rich experience in the field of Distance Education. It is also a member of the Association of Indian Universities Association. It is also a recognized Member-University of Distance Education Council (DEC), Ministry of HRD, Government of India. All degrees offered by Karnataka State Open University are recognized by Distance Education Council, New Delhi.

Special Features
The open learning system is a unique and challenging mode of education offered at the university level. This system provides ample opportunities for those who desire to have University Education at their Place of work or residence. This method is popularly known as Distance Education. It is perhaps the only way to meet the ever-increasing demand for Higher Education especially in a developing country like India.

Distance education programmes are specially designed for:
a) Candidates who discontinue their formal education owing to pecuniary or other circumstances.
b) Candidates residing in geographically remote areas.
c) Candidates who cannot get admission to a regular college/Post-graduate Department.
d) Employed person who cannot pursue their study as full-time Candidates.
e) Individuals who wish to pursue learning for knowledge sake.
f) Candidates who wish to update knowledge and skills.

The Open-Distance-Learning (ODL) system is perhaps the only system that has been planed in such a way that it is able to cater to all those who desire to seek higher education in spite of the fact that are in a disadvantages position due to social, economic, spatial and such other reason. Also to cater to the increasing demand for higher education, flexibilities in terms of age, qualification, location, time, etc, have been introduced to the maximum extent.

Objectives of Karnataka State Open University
- Democratizing higher education by taking it to the doorsteps of the learners.
- Providing access to high quality education to all those who seek it, irrespective of age, region or formal qualifications.
- Offering need-based academic programmes by giving professional and vocational orientation to the course.
- Prompting and developing distance education in India.
- Relaxed entry regulations.
- Providing opportunities to study at one's own pace and convenience.
- Flexibility in choosing the combination of course from a wide range of disciplines.
- To help candidates to select the study centers, preferably of their own choice.



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