Examination Pattern

Theory Papers
The pattern of question paper for all university Theory Examinations will consist of two parts. Part-1 will be compulsory with objectives/short question type for 25/30 marks. Part-ll will have choice and will be for 50 marks. The total will be for 75 /80 marks according to the course.

Practical Examinations
Regarding Practical Examination, the examination will include questions on all practical of that semester and candidate has to do a question which comes to him by lot. The question may be from one or more subjects of practical conducted during the semester. The question paper will be set by the University and sent to the Examination Centers. The University will also depute External Examiners to Examination Center for conducting practical. Depending on the strength of the candidates, Study Centers may be clubbed and Practical Examinations will be held at selected Study Centers.

Project Work
Evaluation of Project Work will be carried by University appointed examiners, which may be based on any or all of the following aspects
1) Demonstration & Presentation of Project Work by the candidate.
2) Viva-Voice examination.
3) Evaluation of content of the Project Work.
4) Review of Project Progress Report submitted to Study Center/AUT/KSOU.


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